Cottonwood County Reports

Cottonwood County

 Cottonwood County Local Water Management Plan 2017-2027

Cottonwood County FY2018-19 BBR

Natural Resources Block Grant


Wetland Conservation Act (WCA)
District contact: David Bucklin

FY2022 WCA eLink Report – Final

FY2023 WCA eLink Report – No Reported Expenditures


FY2022 – Shoreland – eLink Report
JANUARY – DECEMBER 2022: No activity associated with this grant. Shoreland FY2022 funds used as flex spending for Administration/Coordination of LWMP FY2022.

FY2023 Shoreland eLink Report

Local Water Management

FY2022 – LWP eLink Report – Final

FY2023 LWP eLink Report


FY2022 SSTS eLink Report – Final

FY2023 – SSTS – eLink Report


FY2019 Annual Feedlot Report

FY2019 Feedlot Financial Report 

FY2020 Feedlot Annual Report

FY2020 Feedlot Financial Report