SSTS Program Information


Why Treat Sewage?
Learn the reasons why treating sewage is important for everybody!

Septic System Features & Understanding your Septic System
Learn more about septic systems and how they work to treat sewage

Septic Cleaners & Septic Additives
Learn more about what the U of M has to say about cleaners and additives to your septic system

Trench Systems
At Grade Systems
ound Systems
Learn more about the different types of systems. The system that works best on your site is determined by the soil borings at a site evaluation by a certified septic professional

Checking Frozen Septic SystemsFreezing Problems
Learn more about why septic system could freeze and who you should call to get the system fixed. It is not ok to dump sewage on the ground!

Odors and Septic Systems
Learn why you may have odors and the cause

Landscaping around Septic Systems
It’s important to understand landscaping guidelines around your septic system treatment area. We understand that they can be unsightly at times, but planting trees and shrubs too close can potentially ruin your system

For more information about septic systems check out the U of M Septic System Owner’s Guide and the U of M Onsite Systems Webpage!

The US EPA also has information for homeowners on an easy to understand website!

County Information for Homeowners

Cottonwood County Septic System Application
Homeowners with new or replacement systems are required to fill out the Cottonwood County Septic Application

Installation Process
Don’t know where to start? Here’s a little insight into the installation process that may be helpful.

SSTS Property Transfer Disclosure Form
This form should be filled out with all property transfers

What is Considered a Property Transfer?
Check out this form to determine what constitutes a property transfer. Our ordinance was updated in April 2013 and the definition has been updated.

SSTS – Contractor List
This is an updated list of licensed SSTS contractors who do work in Cottonwood County. Check out the MPCA webpage for more professionals.

 Low Interest Loan Policy
Learn about our low interest loan that goes on the property taxes.

Abandoning a Septic System

SSTS Professionals

  Abandonment Form

Cottonwood County As Built Form